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Details One-time/ Deep Cleaning Service

Has it been a while since your home has had professional cleaning services, or maybe it needs some extra elbow grease before the in-law’s weekend visit?

Crystal has your yearly deep or spring cleaning covered with our deep cleaning/one-time service.

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend valuable weekend time scrubbing floors and cleaning.

Weekends are for relaxing and spending time with family, and sitting by the pool. Not deep cleaning a whole house for 8 hours.

You work hard and deserve to leave the cleaning tasks to the professionals at Crystal Pro and get that time back in your life.

Why get a deep cleaning instead of a basic cleaning?

Once or twice a year, doing a more thorough deep cleaning like this becomes essential to keep the home fresh and clean or prepare the house for the changing seasons.

The deep cleaning focuses on home areas we need more time to address. These are areas where dust builds up over time but less quickly than flat surfaces like floors or countertops. These areas include places like baseboards, doors, and blinds.

Why Have Detailed Cleaning Done?

There are many benefits to having a deep cleaning performed in your home by skilled professionals. Studies have shown that a cleaner, more organized home produces less stress. You’re likely to feel better, sleep more soundly, and simply be happier if your home is thoroughly cleaned. A professional deep cleaning can transform your home and make it look incredibly inviting, helping you to feel at ease. By having your home cleaned well, you’ll be able to enjoy the mental and emotional benefits that brings.

A home that been deep cleaned is also one that has less dust, dirt, mold, pollen, allergens, bacteria, germs, and other irritants. It’s a home with fewer pests and insect droppings, and removing all of these things or greatly reducing them makes for a more breathable, healthier environment. You and your family should be able to live better, sleep more soundly, breathe easier, and experience fewer allergy symptoms. You should also be less likely to suffer from disease, infection, and illness.

If you have a deep cleaning done on a regular basis, your home will be a much more beautiful and healthier place. Contact us about recurring cleaning or for a one-off deep cleaning. We are happy to accommodate you either way. Instead of stressing yourself about the spring cleaning that hasn’t been done and the intensive housework that you’re not getting to, let us do it for you. Instead of wearing yourself out scrubbing at tiles, cleaning out the oven, or working in the attic, let the cleaning professionals do all the hard work.

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Over 110 5-Star Reviews

Jackie Diaz
Jackie Diaz
25 April 2024
I’ve used them for years and will only use them for years to come.
Verna Byron
Verna Byron
24 April 2024
Great service. Super staff
Lance Colt
Lance Colt
26 March 2024
I highly recommend Crystal Pro for all your house cleaning needs. They clean regularly for me and do an amazing job in a timely manner.
Becci Achotegui
Becci Achotegui
29 February 2024
We use Crystal Pro for all of our vacation rentals. They are absolutely brilliant. Leticia and Paula are amazing. The teamwork is second to none. I personally use them at my home.
Jayram Subrahmanian
Jayram Subrahmanian
17 January 2024
The cleaning crew was very efficient, personable, and cooperative. They were punctual and worked hard with getting furniture cleaned and moved to places within our house as we were instructing them. They were careful in doing this so as not to damage any walls. Many pieces were very heavy. Not a single item of furniture or decorations was broken during the cleaning! The walls and floor were initially dusty after construction work. Great job in cleaning. Thank you Faby and team!
10 January 2024
Great service, each team is super detailed and professional, they truly care about making sure you are happy and satisfied each time. Today I had Team Paula & Leticia and they were absolutely incredible, house is spotless. Highly recommended!
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore
18 December 2023
Just moved to a new place and had to do a deep cleaning. They were here for a couples of hours and the place looks immaculate after they left.
Helen Lehrer
Helen Lehrer
24 November 2023
The cleaners came were professional knew what to do and worked diligently I was satisfied and will call again
kyrstin brewer
kyrstin brewer
12 November 2023
Excellent excellent job. Give extra stars if I could. Just great job girls thank you.